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Timber: What's Next?!

July 2021

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Pierluigi Nervi, Otto Frei, Buckminster Fuller. They all have something in common: they explored how the shape of a surface can be changed in order to minimize the stresses and make it thinner and cheaper.
This was a kind of a revolution and It made it possible to build very complex structures.

We've tried to use this technology for the design of some structures made of timber. The goal was to reduce as much as possible the "out of the plane" forces and have just in-plane stresses. How can this be done?
We used special algorithms to find the right shape and an iterative process to make the FEM structural analysis in the new situation. All this in a 100% loss-less workflow. We even used some machine learning (ML) algorithms based on our long experience as timber engineers to reduce the global cost of the structure.
We're still working on these projects and exploring the huge potential of this very innovative solution that makes timber the most cost-effective solution. Contact us to have more information and check the feasibility of "your structure"!

We used it also for the Pavillion in Venice and the result is so amazing!!

Town Hall in Crespole

Crespole is a small village in the beautiful Tuscany and here we tested an innovative workflow for the public administration that had a dream: to build a sustainable and low-energy town hall with a low budget.
So, together with the architects and the other designers we proposed a 100% BIM-based workflow to reduce the cost and value engineer the project. Then the tender was based on LOD 300 3d drawings and the public administration could check everything on site during the construction.

/ Form-Finding and Timber

Form-finding and timber. Is it worth using form-finding methods to value engineer a  "timber-project"?
You'll be amazed by what timber can offer.


/ Town hall Crespole

Public administrations: why should they go for timber?
Here is a great example of how a BIM workflow made possible this building!


/ Obsidian Rain Pavilion

Look at how we managed to complete the assembly on time and how engineered this beautiful pavilion in Venice last month.
Working under this beautiful frescoed roof was amazing.


/ Robot pre-fab

DfMA: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. How timber and CNC machining can really change the way you work.
More precision, less stress for you!


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