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Timber: What's Next?!

January 2021

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Time flies and January is almost gone: how was your 2020? How did you start your 2021? We want to be as optimistic as possible and see the glass not half full, but twice as big as it needs to be (see the quote at the very end of this newsletter)!

Value Engineering is one of the key words I like the most: our ability to optimize the structures and make timber the most cost effective solution is well known and this is one of the reasons many clients from all over the world like to work with us.

Why not?

Have you ever wanted to use timber for your project but they tell you that it is too expensive or it is not the right material to use? We can help you! We master timber engineering and therefore we can find together the cheapest solutions, the ones allowing you to make timber the right choice.
Be it complex geometries, tall buildings, large scale projects, etc... No problem! We can make it happen and have been doing this for more than 13 years.

We've been working for years (and still) to find the most effective solution for the slabs: pure CLT, floor-cassette, composite beams, etc… We realized that the design is mainly driven by the vibrations and by the acoustic. What are the most important parameters?

Finally building physics, another topic we like: a detail can be very complex and sometimes a thermal 2d/3d FEM analysis is needed to reduce the risk of condensation and mold. In the case of timber buildings, this means making them last longer.

/ Value Engineering

Value engineering: the art of reducing costs and increasing quality. How can this concept be used in the design of timber buildings?
At Ergodomus we like to say "The sooner we're involved in the project, the better, the cheaper it will be".


/ Timber and acoustic

In some cases, they decide not to go for timber because of its poor acoustic performance. Is this always true? The true is that you need to know the material very well to solve the problems and we're telling you something more about it.


/ FEM analysis

The FE method can be successfully used to analyze complex details and find solutions to reduce the effects of the thermal bridges and the risk of mold.


/ Who we work with

Wheter you're a designer, a builder, a manufacturer or a developer, we can be your right partner. Wheter you're in Europe or on another continet, we can deal with your building code. Don't hesitate to contact us!


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