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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

In recent weeks it has certainly been ‘interesting’, even challenging, for those of us living and working in Northern Italy (and elsewhere) with travel restrictions, the cancellation of major events and international meetings all due to the Covid-19 virus. Nevertheless, at Ergodomus, we are confident that we have the software and systems in place to offer an uninterrupted service however things pan out in the weeks and months to come. If necessary, all of our team members are fully equipped to work from home and we will be making the most of technologies such as BIM, Skype and Microsoft Teams to continue to collaborate with clients world-wide and with each other. Until the situation is resolved, we will be operating on a ‘business as usual’ basis. To all of our friends who have been in touch to check on us, thank-you for your concern - we are all well and safe and sincerely hope that you are too.

We may have to stay at home for now but we are keeping our eye firmly on international opportunities. We are extremely excited to be involved with the Horizon 2020, EU funded, Build-in-Wood project. We are also intrigued by the French government’s plans, published last month, to significantly increase the use of timber in public sector construction projects. We see this as an extremely positive move and hope that others will follow suit.

And final, on a seasonal note, we have been pushing the parameters of parametric design to produce a paper prototype of an Easter egg which we hope you find pleasing!


‘Build-in-Wood’ European consortium aims to “take multi-storey timber mainstream

We are delighted to be part of a consortium of 21 European companies and organisations aiming to make timber the material of choice for multi-storey buildings. Partners include universities and technical institutes as well as companies from different parts of the construction supply chain, ranging from building materials and design to finished structures. Ergodomus is involved in 5 of the total ten work packages.
(read more)


New French public buildings must be made 50% from wood

We were excited to read about the French government’s plans to significantly increase the use of wood in public sector construction projects. At Ergodomus, we love to work with architects from an early stage to create timber structures that can be realised without compromising the original design concept. We would encourage anyone considering bidding for a public sector project in France to get in touch as we are sure that we can bring an extra dimension to the design team. Read more about the French Government’s plans here. (read more)


Eggstrordinary engineering!

Spring is in the air and Easter will soon be upon us. That means it is time for the annual Ergodomus Egg Competition. Last year, we provided you with a link to download and print the component parts of our egg. To create this, we “played” with the complex geometries (double-curved surfaces) that would otherwise be very expensive to analyse and build. Together with an expert in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper software, we devised an algorithm to subdivide the surface of an Easter egg into small triangles. The algorithm is parametric, allowing us to easily change the size of the triangles which are instantly re-generated. The algorithm also tries to reduce, as far as possible, the number of “differenttriangles generated, making production easier and faster.
This year, we invite you to have another go but suggest that you:

• Introduce colour to your creation or,
• Use a material other than paper…maybe even CLT?

Send us a photo of you and your egg and we will post it on our Facebook page. The most beautiful or creative interpretation will receive a prize.  (read more)


Follow us on LinkedIn!

We have been amazed and impressed by the added value that Linkedin has brought to our business in recent years. It is far from being ‘just another social media platform’; we have made many new contacts and also become involved in interesting ‘real world’ projects as a result of our on-line activity. On our company page we publish a wealth of material not available on the website such as photographs of works in progress updated in (almost) real time. The platform also allows you to interact with us and other users in a very simple way. Communication and the sharing of ideas is at the heart of what we do – we want to hear from you. Please follow us and join the conversation (follow us)


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