Ergodomus, December 2020

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Timber: What's Next?!

December 2020

Dear {subtag:name},

2020 is almost over. A very tough year during which we all had to face many challenges. To win we had to step out of our comfort zone and not give up!
One of the biggest challenge? Working remotely from home but I'm very proud of my team: we dit it!

Once again I appreciated how important it is to have created such a fantastic team!

A few days ago, during the coffee time, there was a discussion among engineers: what’s the best way to decorate a Christmas tree? Every tree is different as well as the weight and the position of the decorations. So it is a multidimensional problem, not easy to solve but perfect for our computational design department!

This immediately became a challenge: can we use evolutionary algorithms to find "a family" of the best solutions? The best solution is the one that minimizes the bending moment and therefore material's quantity. It's not just a game, it's a way to explore how those algorithms can make your timber buildings cheaper! It's value engineering!

So a couple of guys worked for more than one week on this complex R&D project and we had many technical meetings to define the parameters and their domains. The mountains in the background are step-by-step populated by some of the thousands of solutions analyzed.

Here is the "how to"!

Ergodomus city 2020

Have you ever tried to collect some of the most important buildings you have designed in one single file? We did it and we called it "Ergodomus city": one of the most sustainable cities in the world since it is entirely made of timber! Look at the brand new "2020 version".

LOD (Level of Development)

To say BIM is not enough. What level are we talking about?
How well defined is your model and how well is populated the database connected to your 3d model?

The more information we have, the cheaper the building will be and the better the final result.

How can LODs be used on timber structures?

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