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Timber: What's Next?!

November 2020

Dear {subtag:name},

The impact of covid on our lives is dramatic. We had to face many changes and one of them is that we can't travel anymore. So how can we keep the business running, stay in touch with our clients and contact new potential customers?

Technology is helping us and a few days ago we had fun making a video of how would have been a "busy business day" without e-meetings. We definitely prefer "face-to-face" meetings but soon we will all get used to this new way of making business.

During one of these meetings, we presented to a client our brand new concept of a multistorey timber building: post&slab system, high flexibility, pre-fab fa├žade, up to 20 storeys. We've been working on it for almost 2 years and now we're ready! If you're designing a multi-storey timber building, then you should consider this!

DfMA, what does it stand for? Design for Manufacture and Assembly. At Ergodomus we get the most out of it when we apply it to the timber-building sector. There is huge potential, but unfortunately, people are not aware of it. We believe that DfMA is the only way that leads to the so-called MMC, Modern Method of Construction.

/ Skyscrapers made of timber

The technology to build skyscrapers using concrete and steel is very well known and it has been used for decades. What about applying the same principles to the timber buildings? It's not easy but we have invested hundreds of hours and we have succeeded.


/ A virtual journey around the world

How many tons of CO2 can we save using video-calls instead of traveling? This video shows the long "journey" made a few days ago.


/ DfMA

A combination of creativity, DfMA, and holistic approach: this is what is behind each of our projects. This is what makes us different and what modern builders/developers/designers and manufacturers are looking for.


/ Follow us on LinkedIn!

Ergodomus community is constantly growing on LinkedIn.

On our company-page you can find a wealth of material not available on our website, e.g. photographs of works in progress updated in (almost) real-time. The LinkedIn platform also allows you to interact with us and other users in a very simple way.

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