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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

We all know that bulding industry is not a "green industry" because of its huge carbon footprint. What can we do to improve this situation? We can use timber and we must design and build low energy houses.
This month we host Eugenio Bin who is running his company InnovHousing and together we are working on a very innovative project: we'll write something about it in the next months.

We were asked by the municipality to find a way to improve the quality of the building and to avoid problems/controversy during the construction. Our answer was: timber + BIM.

Have you ever been to the "International HolzbauForum"? It is the most important timber conference in Europe, a unique opportunity to meet the keypeople in the timber industry: CEOs, engineers, architects, manufacturers, etc… A part of our team will be there and we look forward to meeting you. Just drop us a message!


Town Hall in  Crespole

When it comes to public works, everyone is concerned about keeping costs within the budget. Timber and a BIM workflow can be the right answer. Look at this fantastic project in Tuscany! (more)


The silent killer

In order to solve a macro-problem (global warming) it is necessary to understand perfectly what's happening and why it is happening. So we decided to analyze deeply what's happening in the building industry: what we learned from Eugenio is impressive! (more...)


Save the date: IHF2019 - Innsbruck

#Timbernerds from all over the world are going to Innsbruck next week to attend the HolzbauForum. If you are one of them, please send us a message so we can meet there! (more ...)


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LinkedIn is THE social network for professionals and our company page is like an open space where you can easily interact with us, ask for more information and especially you can always be updated on what's happening in the timber industry. Almost 1600 people from all over the world are already following us: join this community! (more)


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