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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

Ergodomus city: this is how we named the city we "created" putting on the same file some of the most significant buildings we engineered. Have a look at the fantastic movie we created.
Timber as structural material is not widely used in Denmark yet and therefore it is very important to educate the key people like designers, builders and developers. Don't miss Day 1 - Track 3 "Tall wood Buildings": our director Franco will talk about the holistic approach needed to design these buildings without problems. Contact us to get a special discount code!

If you're a developer you're probably interested in understanding how to make timber competitive compared to other materials. To do this, a holistic approach to design is absolutely necessary. We can help you and you're just one click away.

Towards the end of 2018 we launched a survey on tall timber buildings and finally the report is ready: over 220 participants from 5 continents. The results surprised us.


Build in Wood (DK)

Buildinwood is definetely the most important timber show in Denmark and Ergodomus will be there. If you're a "Timber Nerd" you must visit our booth and attend the conference! (more...)


Ergodomus City

These are just some of the buildings we engineered in the past years. Single family houses, schools, gyms, multistorey buildings, CLT, NLT, DLT, etc… (go to the site)


Are you a developer?

What are the parameters to consider to determine the price of a wooden structure? There are many, and therefore it is not easy to determine the convenience of a wooden structure compared to a "traditional" one. Contact us, we can help you! (click here)


Tall timber building – the results of the survey

Over 220 people from 33 countries responded to the survey we launched a few months ago. Designers, builders, producers stated their opinion on different issues such as fire, durability, acoustics, etc. Are you curious to know what they think? You just have to click here!


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On our company page you can find a lot of material not available on the website as photographs of works in progress updated in (almost) real time. The platform also allows you to interact with us and other users in a very simple way (more)


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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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