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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

December for us at Ergodomus Timber Engineering has many meanings: end-of-year budgets, holiday after 12 months at "top speed" and technical updates at the International Forum in Garmisch (IHF). If you want to see and touch the wooden construction market, you can not miss it: speakers from all over the world and the chance to chat with them in a really relaxed atmosphere.

You still have a few days to take part in the survey on tall wooden buildings and then in January we will collect and present the results that are already very interesting.

Can complex geometries be created using timber elements? The answer is yes(!) and we'll give you some ideas!

We also take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and see you in 2019, a year that promises to be full of interesting news!


Complex Geometries; From design to reality

Have you ever imagined that you can transform a double curvature surface into a set of flat surfaces connected to each other? To do this you need a "group" of software that communicates with each other in a perfect way: see what you can do! (more...)


A picture's worth a thousand words
We are always excited to "look back" what we have done in over 11 years of activity. We want to share these feelings with you with a collection of projects that are particularly close to our hearts.(click here)


Tall timber building: what's your opinion?

The topic of tall timber buildings is very complex to deal with. This is why we decided to ask for your help to better understand what the market is looking for and what the designers' perception is. Over 100 people from 20 different countries have already answered: and you, what are you waiting for? (read more)


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On our company page you can find a lot of material not available on the website as photographs of works in progress updated in (almost) real time. The platform also allows you to interact with us and other users in a very simple way (more)


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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Albert  Einstein

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