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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

In a few weeks it's Easter and we decided to prepare a very special present for you! Did you know you can realize a gym using only timber?

Some more details about the conference in Copenhagen about timber construction: probably the first one specifically dedicated to CLT in Denmark.


Complex geometries and the Ergodomus Easter egg

Ergodomus is not only timber but also and above all creativity. What about creating an Easter egg with CLT panels? At the moment we did it with paper and we give you the assembly plans as a gift. Watch the video! (more).


Save the date: “To build with CLT – from drawing to project” – Conference in Copenhagen

Fire resistance, timber engineering, acoustic, static, durability: these are just some of the topics that will be discussed at the conference in Copenhagen. You can't miss it! When: April 11th. Where: Copenhagen. (more)


A sports hall in Palagano (MO)

27 meters of free space, a length of over 35 meters and a height of almost 10. These are the numbers of the gym that we have engineered using only timber (and a small amount of steel). Fire resistance was also a requirement. A very exciting challenge for Ergodomus. (more)


We are already working on some interesting articles for the next month.
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"There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes"
Richard Buckminster Fuller

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