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Ergodomus: Timber what's next!?

Have you ever felt a sensation of "discomfort" walking on a wooden slab? Probably you have personally tested what happens if the vibrations are not considered by deisgners. Below we explain how to do it.

Then we point out two particularly important and interesting events: the first in Italy in March (Wood-Building Forum) and the second in April in Denmark where we were invited to talk about ... timber construction of course!

Finally we present a very special project made with DLT panels.


Wood slabs and vibrations – Sizing criteria

What are the sizing criteria for a wooden slab? And what are the measures to be taken to ensure the comfort of the occupants? (more).


Save the date: Wood-Construction Forum in Italy - 2018

7th birthday for the Legno-Edilizia forum which this year changes its address and moves to Lazise on the lake of Garda. But this is not the only news! (more)


Save the date: “To build with CLT – from drawing to project” – Conference in Copenhage

On April 11th an important convention on wooden constructions will be held in Copenhagen at KEA and Ergodomus will be there: our director Franco Piva will be one of the speaker invited by the organizing body. (more)


A dream house entirely made of timber!

A private villa by the lake completely made of timber and without glue! (more)


Next month we will talk about a very important topic: vibrations on wooden floors. Stay tuned!
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"It is strange that only extraordinary men make the discoveries, which later appear so easy and simple. "
Georg C. Lichtenberg

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