Why Ergodomus?

Updated: Jun 29

Because we offer designers and general contractors the chance of designing and building using timber, exploiting its potential 100% and without being tied down to any kind of company or product. We therefore offer that FREEDOM that until now had never been a prerogative of this wonderful construction material.

Because we at Studio Ergodomus are specialised in the design of timber structures in all of their possible aspects: from statics to the physical/technical evaluation of construction packages up to their complete engineering (need to know more? click here and give us 30 seconds of your time to explain how your work could become easier and better)

Because thanks to the 100% .ifc compatible platform, as of now we can allow for design in BIM lvl 2 environment. This entirely new and revolutionary type of approach to design helps optimise costs, site scheduling and building assembly and maintenance time.

Because in over 13 years of work in the sector and with over 200 timber buildings designed throughout Italy we have gained an enviable level of expertise based on which we can always guarantee top quality service and reliability.

Because we are constantly in search of new solutions, of innovation and of development, offering support to enterprises and participating both as speakers and as visitors in important timber construction fairs and conferences throughout Europe.


Ergodomus Timber Engineering

Loc. Fratte, 18/4

(c/o Centro Commerciale Ponte Regio),
38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)


(+39) 0461 510932

Our passion for timber engineering knows no limits nor borders. Whatever and wherever your timber engineering challenges might be, we’ll bring you inspired solutions. Call us. 

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