Tall timber building: what’s your opinion?

After the exponential growth of CLT  production and the sprawling of multistory timber buildings all over world, the target seems to move toward tall timber constructions.

The number of timber buildings taller than 50m (164’) increases day after day and some of these were  even able to reach almost 90m (295’)!

Nowadays the research and the development of new building technologies are making possible to reach and go beyond these limits which were considered impossible to overcome, just think about Mjøstårnet in Norway or hybrid structures (timber-steel-concrete) such as the Broke Commmons Campus in Vancouver or HoHo in Wien.

Ergodomus Timber Engineering has been able to design and realize a 6 storey building in Modena entirely made of CLT (6 storey in CLT, Modena).

This project gave us the opportunity to master many aspects linked to tall timber buildings design and on the other hand gave us some inputs to start new considerations about this type of buildings.

6 storey building in Modena

So we decided to create this survey to know your opinion, your needs and even your doubts about this topic.

The results will be published in the next months. Take part to the survey and keep following us!

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