Seeing the noise: Beamforming

Failure to comply with acoustic parameters is often the subject of legal disputes but above all searching “in the dark” to identify the source and solve the problem. This happens for all kinds of buildings: masonry and timber: Finally, technology has come to save the day once again with an incredible product!

Being able to see noise or rather the sound field that surrounds us is a dream and a technological challenge for acoustics. Beamforming is one of the most advanced and precise techniques to that comes close to this goal. This principle has been known for some time, i.e. determining the angle of arrival θ of a sound wave based on the offset measured by two or more microphones located at a distance of l.

Given the rather simple principle, the development of this technique has encountered various challenges due to the cost and number ofmicrophonesneeded (of the order of tens) and thecomputing powerneeded to process all microphone signals for each frequency in real time. Until a few years ago, this technology was reserved for a small number of research organization (automotive, aerospace, etc.) give the cost far exceeds €100,000. Thanks to an increase in the computing power of PCs and the low cost of MEMS microphones, a series of small and affordable devices have recently been introduced to the market, making themusable and fastin many circumstances.

In 2016 Alberto equipped the studio with microphone antennas for Beamforming SIG Acam100 with40 MEMS microphonesplaced on a 40cm x 40cm surface. The system is able to locate the origin of sound up to300maway and in case of closer distances, locate the acoustic bridge or the source with a precision of a few centimeters.


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