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How many tons of CO2 can be stored in a multi-storey timber building? A few months ago we engineered a 6-storey building entirely made of CLT and Glulam and during a meeting with the architects we came up with this question.

Timber has a "super power" to store CO2 instead of producing it, in our opinion this is an unevaluable parameter that can no longer be ignored in the design of the new buildings!

Our director Franco will be in Helsinki September 26-27 at the Forum Wood Building Nordic and in Boston November 4-6 at the IWBC. What about meeting there for a chat about timber? He is always very happy to share his vision about Industry 4.0 and digitization of the whole process! Giving the complexity of the buildings, it is necessary to use specific FEM softwares, but how can a CLT panel be modelled and analyzed? Timber is an orthotropic material because of its mechanical properties and CLT is an orthotropic product because the layers are cross-bonded. Not easy… right? Here below you'll find some hints.

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Author: Franco Piva

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Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference. IWBC will be held in Boston November 4th-6th. We look forward to meeting you there!

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