Updated: Jun 25

Ground connection is the Achilles’ heel of every wooden structure and in the past few months we have dealt with the very delicate theme of durability (Wooden buildings: when and why do they rot? (Part 1)  ) accompanied by an interesting survey (Timber houses: why do they rot?). What are the steps to take to ensure static safety? How do you correctly position the brackets?

Let's start by dealing with a very particular topic: complex surface modeling. Use Rhino? We can help you realize your ideas - even the hardest ones.

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Author: Franco Piva

/ 1+1+1+1+1 ≠ 5 !?

What is the weak point of this connection between the foundation and the timber panel in the figure below? What are the design criteria that allow you to optimize this type of detail?


/ Complex Geometries; From Design to Reality

How do you transform organic forms that are becoming more and more common in contemporary architecture from ideas to reality? We will attempt to summarize in a few words this complex process.


/ ICE meets Ergodomus in Paris

Save the date!Thursday, October 19, at 1900 inParis, we’ll talk about timber. An interesting conference organized byICE France, headlined by Franco Piva, founder of Ergodomus Timber Engineering. Franco will present our projects and talk about the future of this wonderful material.


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