Updated: Jun 25

Timber houses, flat roofs and building physics: the 7 golden rules to follow and avoid problems.

A photo report of a completed six story CLT building that we engineered. Do you know who the second largest manufacturer of timber houses in Europe are? No? Then you just need to look at the last email and see where an interesting magazine about timber is published.

We'd love to be able to tell what we are preparing for January 2018 and literally spend sleepless nights on ... but we can not. Perhaps before Christmas we could become more "generous".

Author: Franco Piva

/ Flat roofs, yes or no? The 7 golden rules

Is it possible to make one without making mistakes that turn the roof into a "mushroom cultivation"? Here are the 7 golden rules to follow READ MORE

/ 6 Story CLT building in Modena

Building a building entirely of timber, with irregular layout and in a high seismic area such as the city of Modena was not easy. In the article we show you some of the difficulties we faced and how we resolved them. It was not easy to transport, move and lay a single Xlam wall over 14m!


/ TTJ - Timber Trades Journal 2017

If you are interested in trends of the timber industry outside of our country we would like to suggest an interesting magazine about wood coming from ....


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