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From  little  seeds,  ideas for Tall Timber buildings  grow! From Toronto to Trondheim, the underlying theme of this month’s Ergodomus’ newsletter is tall timber and various recent approaches being taken or proposed to creating communities of high-rise mass timber projects.

Speed and quality of construction are not always happy bedfellows, but the continuing rise of modular design and build is proving highly effective in producing large numbers of new residential units to exceptionally high standards. Ergodomus is currently contributing its timber engineering skills to the construction of four new towers in Trondheim, and with the first of these now complete, we can tell you more about the complex logistical process involved.

Across the ocean, one of the most imaginative plans for a complete city district made from engineered timber has sadly been cancelled. Sidewalk Labs ground-breaking project to rethink waterfront living in Toronto was undoubtedly provocative – radical thinking invariably is – but as with the Trondheim project, we think there is always much to learn from the conceptual thinking and the degree of innovation involved in arriving at new solutions.

Both projects have undoubtedly been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact this has had on construction projects around the world, but while the Trondheim project was temporarily delayed, the proposals for Waterfront Toronto are unlikely to resurface unless somewhere else altogether and, if so, they are most likely to take a very different form.

Such is the world in these uncertain times: some changes are forced upon us whilst others are carefully planned. We like to think events here at Ergodomus fall into the latter category and, after considerable discussion and concentrated thought, we have good news for you about our newsletter. From next month it’s going to look very different and whilst we will continue to publish material that we think will interest you and the many construction and property professionals who subscribe to receive it, we hope you’re going to enjoy exploring its new style!Add your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

Author: Franco Piva

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Here at Ergodomus, however, we believe in only providing good news of likely interest to the many construction and property professionals we send our monthly newsletter to. This news item is slightly different, though: we’re giving you advance notice that the next issue of the Ergodomus newsletter will itself be a good news story!


Trondheim’s Timber Towers

Regular readers will know that we deliver timber engineering services in a number of different countries, but perhaps haven’t considered how we manage the many variables involved, like language and time zone differences as well as the local technical and regulatory challenges that need to be understood and responded to. Our working methods, developed over several years, allow us to take our specialist skills and experience into projects around the world – so, just how do we manage this from our base in the very north of Italy?


/ Sidewalk Labs – a child of interesting times

The recent demise of Sidewalk Labs ground-breaking plans for Waterfront Toronto, an innovative all-timber urban district on the shore of Lake Ontario has been attributed to the economic downturn provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic. But can the project’s hugely ambitious aims be rethought and applied anew elsewhere in the changed world we now find ourselves in?



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