Updated: Jun 26

- Franco Piva - Owner of studio Ergodomus

/ A dream: the house "over" the sea.

Chiavari, not so far away from Genoa (IT): a maze of roads and streets so narrow that sometimes it is difficult to move even with a small car. What about having a flat "above all others" so you can see directly the sea without obstacles ahead? Come and see how we did!


/ Wooden buildings: when and why do they rot? (Part 1)

How long does a wooden building? Is it true that they can even rot? To get answers to these questions read our study and participate in the survey!

Klimahouse 2016: what's next?

At the end of the fair Klimahouse in Bolzano we try to draw some conclusions with Silvano Zanella President of Network Klimahaus Vicenza-Bassano and entrepreneur.

Wood Design Awards

A challenge among the best designers in the world with strokes of pen and paper, but not only, this time they are allowed to use other weapons: planer, saw, drill, etc … Among the winners could not miss the Japanese archistar Shigeru Ban: great interpreter and passionate about this wonderful material.



Ergodomus Timber Engineering

Loc. Fratte, 18/4

(c/o Centro Commerciale Ponte Regio),
38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN)


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Our passion for timber engineering knows no limits nor borders. Whatever and wherever your timber engineering challenges might be, we’ll bring you inspired solutions. Call us. 

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