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Static calculation, shop drawings, CNC programming, loading plans, logistic, possibility to use different building codes, optimization, 100% BIM workflow, cost and time reduction: this is what Ergodomus Timber Engineering is offering to CLT/GLT producers all over the world. Contact us to understand how we work! Just one company to deal with, no compromises, high-end quality.

How is a timber structure connected to the foundation? Is it better to focus on the quality or on the quantity? An interesting point of view when you design this important connection.

"Blue Cross" is an Italian voluntary association: the new headquarters is entirely mad of timber and we engineered it. Let's see how!

Author: Franco Piva

/ Are you a CLT/GLT producer?

If you're a CLT/GLT producer then you should consider to contact us: Ergodomus is working all around the world side by side with the producers. They chose us because of the quality of our services.


/ 1+1+1+1+1 ≠ 5 !?

What is the weak point of this connection between the foundation and the timber panel in the figure below? What are the design criteria that allow you to optimize this type of detail?

/ "Blue Cross" new timber headquarters 

Fire rating 60 minutes, high degree of prefabrication, usability even after strong earthquakes and cost and time saving. These are the characteristics of the new headquarters of the Blue Cross of San Prospero which was strongly desired by the municipality made of timber.



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