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2020 will be a very special year for us as there will be very important news in the coming months: so please keep following us.

As you are probably aware of, there are not so many courses about CLT, but in Scotland something is moving and the Europe's firs tMass Timber Academy was recently announced and it aims to educate both designers and entrepreneurs. "To remedy this deficiency [lack of education], the Mass Timber Academy has been created - an independent programme of objective, state-of- the-art information and knowledge about all forms of mass timber design and construction" says the press-release. Our director Franco will give a speech at the inaugural conference "Inspiration Day" on February 27th.

Flat roofs are not easy to design and they can cause serious problems if you're not familiar with building physics, but it is fortunately among our skills. For this reason we decided to write a short article with some basic principles and the famouse "Seven golden rules".

Did you know that CLT panels can be use to build the facade of a concrete building? We engineered more than 2500sqm of CLT panels taking into account many different aspects: detailing, logistic, assembly on-site. The panels were produced in Europe and transported to Singapore on some containers, then they were pre-assembled on the ground and finally lifted and fixed to the concrete sub-structure. This project shows the potential of using engineered timber for off-site construction even "on the other side of the world".

Author: Franco Piva

/ Save the date: Mass Timber Academy

The Mass Timber Academy programme embraces all aspects of mass timber design, engineering, manufacture and construction. Here is the full press release, you can't miss it!


Flat roofs, yes or no? The 7 golden rules

Is it possible to make one without making mistakes that turn the roof into a "mushroom cultivation"? Here are the 7 golden rules to follow.


/ CLT facade in Singapore

The Eunoja Junior Collegeis a building located in Singapore and it has something very special: the main structure is built using concrete while the facade is made by CLT panels.

It was a big challenge.


We have been amazed and impressed by the added value that Linkedin has brought to our business in recent years. It is far from being ‘just another social media platform’; we have made many new contacts and also become involved in interesting ‘real world’ projects as a result of our on-line activity. On our company page we publish a wealth of material not available on the website such as photographs of works in progress updated in (almost) real time. The platform also allows you to interact with us and other users in a very simple way. Communication and the sharing of ideas is at the heart of what we do – we want to hear from you. Please follow us and join the conversation.


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