Updated: Jun 25

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019! First we would like to wish you a happy new year. At Ergodomus we are particularly excited to announce the release of the new book written by our Director Franco (this is currently only available in Italian, but watch this space…).

We are also delighted to be involved in a number of very interesting projects past the Italian border, on the international scene. In this issue, we will be covering the central topic of durability along with a return on experience sharing technical information on a very special building we engineered a few years ago.

Finally we inform you that we will be exhibiting in London (UK) and in Portalnd (US) in March. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth! Ps.: we are now a very proud to be member of Trada!

Author: Franco Piva

/ "Manuale delle costruzioni di legno" - written by Eng. Franco Piva

Ergodomus has just published a new book on timber construction. This book is currently only in Italian but we are actively working on the English translation. We are looking for international publishers interested in publishing the book all around the world. A "short version" of the book is available here.


Mass timber conference (Portland, USA) and Futurebuild (London, UK)

Ergodomus is getting more international and therefore we will be exhibiting in March at the International Mass Timber Conference (also known as MTC) in Portland and at FutureBuild in London.

/ Sacro Cuore Kindergarten: 1 building - 9 suppliers 

A few years ago, after the earthquake in Emilia Romagna, we engineered a kindergarden in Italy and we coordinated 9 different companies. One single project but nine different suppliers: this is just one of the amazing things you can do with engineered timber!!


/ U shaped membrane against moisture: problem or solution?

Those who follow us for a long time know that the theme of durability is particularly close to our hearts and therefore we propose an article dedicated to the protection of wooden walls. Membrane with a "U" shape: yes or no? Here the answer…


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