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/ Welcome!

- Franco Piva - Owner of studio Ergodomus

Dear Madame, Sir: welcome! This could be the only word of greeting. In fact, today begins a new adventure: Ergodomus 2.0. I would like to say many things about this project but it is really impossible to condense into a few lines and words what we've done in over 12 years of activity..


/ Project of the month

- A gym 100% timber in Cavezzo: interview with the project manager Arch. Bruno DePietri

Introduction The gym, is located in a "sports center" that includes more activities. Currently this area is bounded on the north by a small outdoor play ground, basketball court and by the Childhood St. Vincent de 'Paoli; west of the gym are the indoor tennis courts. The object was the demolition and reconstruction of the gym seriously damaged by the earthquake in May 2012,


Today we talk with...Laura Stradaioli

"The planting hands never die" it is an African proverb that expresses the beauty of becoming, the eternal human creativity that as Demiurge shapes the matter and makes it alive leaving a tangible sign of its passage.



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