Updated: Jun 25

What do we mean for timber engineering and how Ergodomus can help you in engineering your next project? We work for architects, engineers, builders, developers and CLT/GLT producer. Ergodomus can even prepare shop drawings and the files for the CNC machines.

We always aim to reduce time and costs and to optimize the material's quantity.

In order to promote our activity we will be exhibiting next month in London (UK) at Future Build and in Portland (US) at the Mass Timber Conference. We look forward to meeting you there! And perhaps talk about how we engineerd a multistorey timber building made of curved CLT panels: a great challenge!

Author: Franco Piva

/ What can we do for you?

Whether you are a designer, a general contractor, a builder or a CLT/GLT producer, we can help you in engineering your next building. Why? Because we are timber engineers! Have a look at what we can do for you!


Mass timber conference (Portland, USA) and Futurebuild (London, UK)

Ergodomus is getting more international and therefore we will be exhibiting in March at the International Mass Timber Conference (also known as MTC) in Portland and at FutureBuild in London.

/ 5-storey building made of curved CLT panels 

The production of curved Xlam is technically very complex as it is also the creation of the shop drawings which are completely "non standard". Here's how we helped the CLT manufacturer in engineering a 5-storey building!



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