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Dear Reader, this month we are going to ask you to invest2 minutesof your time to complete our new survey about the "hidden potential of wood construction". Then we are going to present how we engineered a church totally made of timber. Enjoy the reading!

Author: Franco Piva

/ Timber for a worship building : theChurch of Medolla

The earthquake of 2012 in Emilia hit hard many churches (as well as thousands of different kinds of big and small buildings). We engineered the church of Medolla totally made of timber: we show you how.


A new challenge in design: BIM (Part 2: the ifc format)

It is well known that, as a design process starts and evolves, it gets more and more difficult to conciliate all the requests coming from the involved professionals. The engineered timber and BIM process can help. Let's see how it is possible! - Part 2

Wooden Buildings: what is your opinion?

What is the true hidden potential of wood construction?

2 minutes to complete our new survey. The results will then be published in an aggregated form.


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