Updated: Jun 25

Did you know that most people start reading an article by looking at the last paragraph? This month we start from here because the theme is very important and concerns the durability of wood with a new 2018!

We all know that thermography allows us to "see" temperature but not everyone knows that now we can "see" sound thanks to the Beamforming.

At Ergodomus, December traditionally means the Holzbau Forum in Garmisch. This year’s edition was particularly striking: lots of news and food for thought.

We also take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and see you in 2018, a year that promises to be full of interesting news!

Author: Franco Piva

/ See the noise: Beamforming

Beamforming is an important tool for graphically displaying noise sources. Here’s how it works… READ MORE

/ 23rd International Holzbau Forum 2017 – Garmisch

Also, this year, the office was closed for two days in December, so the team could attend the timber building convention in Garmisch. In the build up to the 14th March Italian Holzbau forum in Lazise, Italy, we present our immediate impressions of this year’s edition full of important news and also some food for thought…

/ Timber Construction Convention: Trondheim 2018

If you are interested in trends of the timber industry outside of our country we would like to suggest an interesting magazine about wood coming from ....

/ Wood and durability: how can we sleep peacefully?

It would take an active 24/7 system that will warn you when the situation becomes critical. Someone has thought about it and we …



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