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This month's newsletter takes a slightly different form to what you're used to. It's not the only exciting new development we're planning for our newsletter, but look forward to more about this in May.

In this issue, we want to tell you more about the way we work as timber engineers; provide you with thought-provoking material on topical issues relating to the wider world of timber engineering; and bring you news of interesting research being carried out into the diverse possibilities of mass timber and the likely impact it might have on future timber design and construction around the globe.

Afterwards, you'll be able to say you read about this first in the Ergodomus newsletter!

Author: Franco Piva

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After the sudden unexpected delay caused by Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions, work on our project in Trondheim, Norway has recommenced! The ground slab and structural core were put in place before the current crisis and we are awaiting delivery of the modular residential units that will be attached to the vertical reinforced concrete shaft. More than 40 modules have now arrived in Trondheim and within a few weeks should form the first of four eight-storey towers there that Ergodomus has engineered and which should all be completed by late Autumn this year. We hope to include images of the first complete tower in our May newsletter: yes, that’s how quick this form of construction can be!

Crisis of Temporary

Ergodomus -


Regular readers will know that we deliver timber engineering services in a number of different countries, but perhaps haven’t considered how we manage the many variables involved, like language and time zone differences as well as the local technical and regulatory challenges that need to be understood and responded to. Our working methods, developed over several years, allow us to take our specialist skills and experience into projects around the world – so, just how do we manage this from our base in the very north of Italy?


/ Crisis of Temporary

The current COVID-19 crisis hasprompted many designers to conceive temporary solutions for additional hospital space. Although extremely innovative, few, if any, will ever be realised. We take an objective look at the many reasons for this failure in delivery and what could and should be done in order to be able to react quickly and effectively with the correct transportable facilities for the next global health/refugee crisis or seismic/tsunami disaster.



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