Updated: Jun 25

As you probably know we were exhibitors at the Mass Timber Conference in Portland last month. It was such a fantastic experience: timber is becoming increasingly popular also in North America and we provide you with over 15 years of experience and more than 300 mass timber buildings engineered and built.

Didn't you visit us? Don't worry, you can always contact us wether you're a builder a designer or a manufacturer.

We are very proud to tell you that our director Franco will have a speech next month in London and in Copenhagen. Two of the most important conferences about timber in Europe.

A few weeks ago we engineered a round horse walker and the result is amazing: look at the video!! We noticed that designers are sometime worried or have some concerns in using timber for their buildings.

If you're a designer you should consider to ask for an independent of suppliers consultancy: we like to work with you!

And finally we always try to push forward the boundaries and we designed an Easter egg which can be made of CLT panels.

But this time you can also simply use paper, scissors and some glue :-)

Author: Franco Piva

/ Forest Investiment Conference (UK) – Build in Wood (DK)

In May, two of the most important wood-related events in Europe will be held in London and Copenhagen. Ergodomus will be there! Our director will have a speech in both and in Copenhagen we will even be exhibitors. We look forward to meeting you there!

Are you a designer?

Ergodomus is getting more international and therefore we will be exhibiting in March at the International Mass Timber Conference (also known as MTC) in Portland and at FutureBuild in London.

/ Horse training circle 

This month's project is a circular 16m diameter structure with inclined pillars made entirely of timber at an altitude of 1000m on the sea level. A horse training circle in the Alps


/ Complex geometries and the Ergodomus Easter egg

Ergodomus is not only timber but also and above all creativity. What about creating an Easter egg with CLT panels? At the moment we did it with paper and we give you the assembly plans as a gift. Watch the video!


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