Klimahouse 2016: where is the market going ?

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We spoke with Silvano Zanella, designer, entrepreneur and president of Network–ClimateHouse Vicenza Bassano

Each year the fair Klimahouse of Bolzano offers to thousands of designers and operators of the construction industry the opportunity to see and touch the market’s news with hand and to come together to take stock of the situation. This year we have been fortunate to have a chat with his friend Silvano Zanella who provided us with a vision of the market anticipandoci then the next moves of the Network CasaClima–Vicenza Bassano. The watchwords: Point to the area to reverse course … Rediscovering the quality and to network.

You have taken the first steps in the building several years ago; that world was?

I started working in the field of construction and real estate more than thirty years ago; another world, looking at him with eyes and today’s consciousness. Some shaking up the market there was also at the end of the eighties, but soon softened and absorbed, nothing like today. Then a growing trend until the early years of the millennium, supported by a slight improvement in terms of quality, including the first approaches to acoustic comfort, clamored by customers. In those years he entered, not without doubts and the underfloor heating system, in combination with the first condensing boilers (personally the first radiant system experienced it in my office in 1994).

The need to insulate the walls and roofs was the preserve of a few brave builders, who embarked on the right track, although very winding and full of distrust because of inexperience and lack of historicity in the application of new materials.

Why, in your opinion, you have stopped the growth trend?

Unfortunately it was a combination of factors that lie at the beginning of this millennium: the advent of the new currency and myopic frenzy of real estate market of new buildings, often led by a generation of “inexperienced builders“, attracted by that the growth trend of previous decades.

The results were disastrous: hasty and rough designs, little or no professional workers, lack of enforcement checks and coordination.

The watchword was “pulling up” buildings; the important thing was not “how” or the quality offered, but has the lowest time, so as to reassure the lender that he had made the loan. In the long run this has contributed to creating bad loans and the subsequent crisis in the credit world.

In summary, a building totally out of control process, lack of competence and a flawed market.

How did the idea of ​​founding a network, which, remember, is a cultural association?

Everything starts from the first CasaClima courses taken in Bolzano, moved by the desire to evaluate new methods and technologies aimed at a truly qualitative approach of building.

On that occasion he is like a window open and I began to glimpse a different way of doing things was possible, so that seemed like the most logical, I would say the only one.

And when you have an idea, when you see the potential, would like to share, you want to spread it and make it grow, but you also want to confront.

The territory and the local economy demanded a change of course; the construction and the design of new buildings had, in my opinion, change gear to get out of that destructive and affossante “has always done so.” The results were all too familiar: poor quality construction and lack of end-user satisfaction, which invested no little money in an asset, against which he had not even informed of what should have demanded!

From this awareness you decide to share this with colleagues who had done the same path my pace was short. In 2010 they set off the first contacts and feasibility studies; in May of 2011 he was born the Network CasaClima Vicenza-Bassano. Objective: to create a network on the territory to bring culture of building and try to trigger virtuous mechanisms thesis boost to the local economic environment.

Photos of the Steering centering Norbert Lantschner founder of CasaClima and now President and creator of the foundation ClimAbita.

About the building culture, we are all veterans of the recent visit to Klimahouse 2016. Your opinion?

He continues to establish itself as an important reference in the national technical landscape, since in my view confirmed by the large turnout also recorded this year. Apart from that, I must say that I noticed the absence of some emblazoned companies and the reduction of exhibition space than others; and this suggests.

Another reflection comes from having found a growing number of companies developing plant systems, especially air handling machines, demonstrating an “upgrade” imperative project. Let me explain: the early days of the “boom” of the building energy efficient all our planning and execution efforts have focused on the control of heat losses by transmission and air tightness. The hydrometric approach, crucial match for the comfort and the correct operation of the building, it was a little ‘to the background. With the passage of time and the maturing of experience (including errors), it became clear what his weight in ensuring housing quality and durability. At the same time, acquired the “energy-saving” logic, is now refining that of ” efficiency ‘, going more and more towards the integrated approach “building-plant”.

I firmly believe that working well casing, and now we are quite capable, makes the plants right in the name of efficiency, it should be designed with awareness and “consciousness.” Common knowledge, alas, still technical and patrons who give free rein to “creativity”, choosing complex and sophisticated systems, for almost a status symbol for weighted needs.

Back to the issue of active engagement in the territory, what are you involved in these days? What projects?

Without wishing to detract from the educational activities as a network constantly bring forward (and therefore refer you to our website www.casaclimanetworkvicenza.it Section Training courses), these first months of the year we are involved in a major project with Fiera Vicenza the 2016 edition of SpazioCasa (11/14 March and 18/20 March). It is called, as usual, good build, of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) and we will do it with professionals, with businesses and individuals, defining for each a dedicated path. The goal is to reconnect supply and demand, supported by renewed skills, to restore lymph and perspective to the construction market.

In this direction goes also the “local wood“ weekend (March 18 to 20), topics that I know very well heard by Ing. Franco Piva and throughout the study Ergodomus, authors of the book “Wood… Building… Living”.

The crop will go beyond mere technical performance aspect, to demonstrate how you can start today to micro economic models, geared to creating sustainable local development, related to the world of ‘‘ living quality “and characterized by short chain processes. It discusses, in fact, the models of business networks and present the future network of forest-based industry Vicenza according to the model 12-to-Many (http://12tomany.net/). To make it even more tangible the project, we will, for two days, present and active in a mobile sawmill fair that will transform the wood from our forests in small objects for visitors!

talk show, It will be a dialogue between us and the audience: simple and quick answers to frequently asked questions that are normally addressed to us or hear from users.

Open to all the meeting of March 19 morning, which introduces the experiences of networks already in place in the forest-based industry according to the innovative model 12–to-many; Also expected to attend some local administrator.

Another good thing, and that encourages us, is the finding is shown by the Order of Architects of Vicenza, both by the College of Experts, who have given to our various credits events.

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Thank you so much Silvano, we will not fail. And you? Put hands agenda and mark the date!

He obtained a Diploma in Surveying in 1984, immediately begin to work in the building with Habitat House, real estate construction company which in 1990 became managing director and general manager.

In 2007 approaches the ClimateHouse world, beginning a training program that led him to specialize as an energy consultant and designer CasaClima Gold (passive standard).

Since then mature experience in the realization of numerous projects (multi-family buildings, single-family and public), certifed ClimateHouse (class B, A and Gold). In 2009 House Zilio in Bassano del Grappa, in CasaClima certified wood building A +, which follows all the energy design, he won the Golden Cube CasaClima Awards 2010 for Best ClimateHouse year.

Founder and president of Network ClimateHouse Vicenza–Bassano, has been participating as a lecturer and speaker at various training and conference program.

Silvano Zanella, Habitat Casa, Romano d’Ezzelino (VI), T. 0424 830388, silvanozanella@virgilio.it


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