Complex Geometries; From Design to Reality

Great Architects such as the late Zaha Hadid saw natural structures as structures made from extremely complex geometries. Obviously, credit goes to those who have the imagination, creativity and courage to dare but what are the processes that lead to their realization?

Of course, you cannot describe in a few paragraphs the design / engineering behind these “miracles” and therefore we will limit ourselves in this first article (which will follow others in the coming months) to show you some key aspects. Of course, timber will be the protagonist but will not be the only focus!

The first step is the creation of geometry through the renowned Rhino 3d modelling software by the architect or artist. If it is a parametrizable, repetitive or traceable geometry in a programmable way, you can contact us right away for technical consultation. By means of Grasshopper we are able to help you in creating these geometries.

Complex Surface Modelling

The next step consists of the “transformation” of the surfaces or of an intricate set of curved and/or straight elements into a set of mathematical functions. This way it is possible to discretize a double bend surface in a mesh of flat polygonal sub-figures (triangles or generic polygons). This operation is extremely complex and delicate but governed by parameters that allow you to easily modify the density of the polygons themselves.

After this point there are two steps: static calculation, i.e. dimensioning of the elements and programming of CNC machines that will cut the individual elements precisely so that the result is the desired one. Remember our motto: wydiwyg®! (What You Draw Is What You Get)

Design and optimisation

So, what is your job as an architect / designer? Simple: focus on the geometry you want to get. We will take care of the rest!

What are the advantages? You will have a single interlocutor (Ergodomus) who will handle feasibility, static and complete engineering allowing you to choose the best material for each application. Timber? Of course, but not the only material!


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