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University of Parma: the pole of innovation will be built from timber!

A centre of absolute worldwide excellence in the research on drones and self-driving cars, a concentrate of top-level technology, an American partner, leader in the field of visual technologies: VisLab and Ambarella join forces. All of this is going to happen in a multi-storey building made entirely of wood.(more...)


Our new challenge: a Gym for Palagano (MO) 

Our next project, that’s under construction, is a gym in Palagano (MO) completely made of wood. The “boundary conditions” and the customer requirements are very stringent and therefore it’s an exciting engineering challenge. (more...)


San Felice: a new CLT
day-care centre made by Ergodomus

Work in progress on the new day-care centre designed by the architect Mauro Frate and calculated/engineered by Ergodomus. The finishing layer is made of cork panels, which assolve the insulating function too (more...)


" "Well done" is better than "well said""
Benjamin Franklin

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