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Mass Timber: What's Next?!

November 2022

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It is well known that climate change and the consequent threat to the environment is a growing concern all over the world.
I live in the Alps, I love the mountains and so, when I founded Ergodomus,I wanted my project to be designed based on innovative, reusable, recyclable, and renewable principles.

Our holistic, digital-based approach led us to design more than 300 effective and elegant timber structures on all five continents.

Among the hundreds of projects we designed and the results we have achieved in these 15 years (!), modular buildings deserve particular attention for numerous highly environmental reasons.
Modular constructions, in fact, are extremely efficient, versatile, and high-performing buildings, which can be assembled in a blink of an eye (seriously)! Sometimes they can even be dismantled and reused multiple times.

Modular Building

Our last technical article is an interesting interview with "Finch Building", a North European company we worked with for an innovative modular building in the Netherlands.

/ Project: Modular buildings

Modular technology not only cuts costs and construction times but also benefits people and the planet. Take a look at our portfolio and learn more about the biggest modular timber buildings in Europe we engineered.


/ Service: Value Engineering

For us value engineering is not just reducing the quantity of materials but also considering the time you need to assembly the elements. And the potentials are huge!


/ Tech Art: Modular Building

We recently had a highly stimulating interview with the Dutch firm Finch Building deepening the concept of modular and how our collaboration has contributed to the perfect success of the project.


/ Save the date: IHF 2022

In Innsbruck, in the middle of the Alps, will take place the most important timber conference in Europe: see you there!


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