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Timber: What's Next?!

November, 2021

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G124 stands for "Giustiniani Palace (Rome), Floor 1, Room 24", which is also the office of Senator Renzo Piano. It was a pleasure to engineer a shelter made of timber and steel with a team of young and talented architects and his supervision.

  On October 18th, the project was officially presented in a beautiful frescoed room at Giustininani Palace and it was so exciting to be there: the famous artist Edoardo Tresoldi was also a member of the team!

 COP26 "UN Climate Change Conference" aims to unite the world to tackle climate change. The building sector is one of the biggest CO2 emitters and therefore timber as structural material must be part of this green revolution. Ergodomus is proud to be part of the consortium Build-In-Wood and we recently joined "Built By Nature" as one of the very first frontrunners.

These two projects aim to promote the use of timber and reduce CO2 emissions, please join and help us!!

Save the date!!

November 24th - Arnhem (NL): our director Franco will be one of the 3 keynote speakers at the "HoutDag 2021". Curious to know the program? Click on the link below!

December 1st-3rd - Innsbruck (AUT): one of the most important conferences about timber in Europe. The "International Holzbau Forum" will welcome hundreds of delegates from all over the world and our team will be there too.

We look forward to meeting you either in the Netherlands or in Austria!

/ G124 - Shelter in Modena

Modena is one of the 3 cities chosen by Renzo Piano for the project G124. The Shelter looks great and the details are so nice!


/ Built By Nature

Our built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. Incremental steps are not enough: we need transformative solutions.


/ HoutDag 2021 in Arnhem

Shajay Bhooshan (Zaha Hadid Architects) and Robert Schmitz (White Arkitekter) will be the other two keynote speakers at this conference in Arnhem (NL) on November 25th.
It's going to be a great event!!


/ IHF 2021 in Innsbruck

The "International Holzbau Forum" will be held in Innsbruck on December 1st-3rd.
Ergodomus team will be there and we look forward to meeting you!


/ Form finding Webinar

Together with the friends of "Performance Network" we're organizing a webinar about the use of form finding methods and optimization for timber structures.

More details to follow soon on LinkedIn.


/ Follow us on LinkedIn!

A few weeks ago we celebrated a new big milestone: 7300+ followers on LinkedIn!

Join our 7350 (and growing) followers!