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Timber: What's Next?!

September 2021

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I'm happy to share with you that a few weeks ago we celebrated a big milestone: 7000+ followers on LinkedIn. So I'd like to say 7000 times "Thank you!".

LinkedIn is the easiest way to be constantly updated about what we're doing; so, if you're not already following us... just do it! :-)

There are many things to talk about this month!!

Have you ever wondered how economists view the construction industry? Our sector is one of the most inefficient and conservative ones. Why are we not changing, embracing new technologies/materials? What are we waiting for? Below is the first article about this topic; many others will follow!

Did you know that CLT can be also used to build complex façades? What if you had to manage thousands of openings (each with a different shape...)? Engineered timber offers many advantages, and we used them to make timber the most cost-effective material for this beautiful project!

Form-finding and timber - IWBC in Boston

Save the date! October 26-27, the IWBC will go virtual.
I'm very proud to be one of the 3 speakers at the first "Live Panel" to talk about hybrid solutions. Andrew WaughNick Milestone and I, will share our vision with the moderator Pat Layton and of course with you!.
I can't wait!

Last but not least: as you know, we are exploring how timber can be the most cost-effective material to manage complex geometries. To do this, we are using technologies like AR, AI and form-finding. Together with the friends of "Performance Network" we're organizing a webinar about this topic. It will happen in October and more details will follow soon: keep followingus on LinkedIn!

/ Durst Façade

How can CLT be used to realize a very complexfaçade full of openings with different sizes?

Look how beautiful the result is!!


/ Economy and timber

In 2016 Mark Farmer, talking about the the building industry, said "Modernise or die". The decision are driven by money, so we decided to ask for the opinion of some economists.


/ IWBC 2021 in Boston

IWBC 2021 will go virtual this year too. We look forward to e-meeting you and talking about hybrid buildings together with Pat LaytonNick Milestone and Andrew Waugh.


/ AR and Timber

New technologies are constantly helping us to improve our life's quality. Augmented reality is helping us to improve the quality of our projects and to avoid problems during the assembly.


/ Form finding Webinar

Together with the friends of "Performance Network" we're organizing a webinar about the use of form finding methods and optimization for timber structures.

More details to follow soon on LinkedIn.


/ Follow us on LinkedIn!

A few weeks ago we celebrated a new big milestone: 7000+ followers on LinkedIn!

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