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Timber: What's Next?!

June 2021

Dear {subtag:name},

May was a hectic month for us since we were involved in the design and project management of one of the most iconic pavilions at the Biennale in Venice. As you know, we love the challenges and the non-standard projects, but this time it was much much harder than we thought.

I'm so proud of my team and the team of the assemblers (Eros, Giuseppe and Luca) since we managed to complete the project on time. We "closed" the door of the site at 4am and at 10am they opened! This proves, one more time, how important teamwork is! Even the designer arch. Kabage Karanja of cave_bureau from Kenya worked with us!

To achieve the ambitious goal, we combined different technologies: FEM structural analysis, Parametric Design and Augmented Reality. The result is simply amazing and we invite you all to go to see the Pavilion in Venice at the main entrance at "Giardini".

Guess how many obsidian stones we hung! I bet you don't guess.

Ps: the assemblers are the same ones who assembled the Makoko Floating School in 2016 always in Venice. We're getting quite used to make miracles happen and we look forward to working with you!

Stairs made of timber

I hope you enjoyed the pavilion and now some technical advice: have you ever thought about using engineered timber for the stairs in the buildings you're designing and/or assembling?
I'm sure you don't even know some of the big advantages offered by this technology: what seems to be a temporary element, will be actually definitive! it means that you'll save a lot of time and money, and you'll get a perfect and wonderful result.

Last but not least, Ergodomus is hiring: we're looking for a junior structural engineer. For some reason this time we need someone who speaks Italian.

/ Obsidian Rain Pavilion

Look at how we managed to complete the assembly on time and how engineered this beautiful pavilion.
Working under this beautiful frescoed roof was amazing.


/ We're hiring!

Ergodomus’ team is growing and we’re looking for new smart timbernerds!

Send us your CV!!


/ Stairs made of timber

Did you know that the stairs can be entirely made of engineered timber?

This could be an insipirational article for your next buildings! It's much easier than what you think!!


/ AR and Timber

New technologies are constantly helping us to improve our life's quality. Augmented reality is helping us to improve the quality of our projects and to avoid problems during the assembly.


/ Ergodomus & Telegram

Since March it is easier to get in contact with us: we launched our new Telegram channel. You can interact with us and comment on our articles/images/etc...


/ Follow us on LinkedIn!

A few weeks ago we celebrated a big milestone: +6000 followers on LinkedIn!

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