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Timber: What's Next?!

May 2021

Dear {subtag:name},

As you know, Ergodomus is always trying to push the boundaries, to think out of the box and I believe this time we made something disruptive. Have you ever dreamed to "see" in scale 1:1 in front of you the connection you engineered or the building you designed? I'm sure you did and so did I!
We worked a lot on this R&D project and I pushed the computational design department to move to the "next level".

I'm very happy to announce that we implemented the Augmented Reality (AR) into our Workflow. Now we can analyze and check the feasibility of all the connections we engineer and this is going to have a big impact on our design. It's incredible how you can "see" through the elements to avoid clashes/penetrations as you were using X-Ray.

Watch our video!!

DfMA: Design for Manufacture and Assembly

DfMA is one of the keywords of our workflow since we also make the production drawings for the manufacturers. The workflow we have developed allows us to value engineer the projects and to help you to save tons of hours on-site. What about giving us a try?

We also used those principles to engineer a private villa in Sardegna very close to the sea. That village blew my mind when I visited it!

In March, after a few testing months, we launched our brand new Telegram channel. Have look, it has never been easier to get in contact with us!

Last but not least, Ergodomus is hiring: we're looking for a junior structural engineer. For some reason this time we need someone who speaks Italian.

/ AR and Timber

New technologies are constantly helping us to improve our life's quality. Augmented reality is helping us to improve the quality of our projects and to avoid problems during the assembly.


/ We're hiring!

Ergodomus’ team is growing and we’re looking for new smart timbernerds!

Send us your CV!!


/ DfMA

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (or DfMA) is a mix of things. A mix of things that can improve a lot your workflow and your life's quality. If you're disappointed about the differences between your project and what you get on-site, then you should read this article!


/ Private Villa in Sardegna

This is a building we engineered a few years ago in the wonderful island Sardegna. Who said that timber buildings are not good in warm areas next to the sea?


/ Ergodomus & Telegram

Since March it is easier to get in contact with us: we launched our new Telegram channel. You can interact with us and comment on our articles/images/etc...


/ Follow us on LinkedIn!

A few weeks ago we celebrated a big milestone: +6000 followers on LinkedIn!

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