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21 Agosto 2016

A new challenge in design: BIM (Part 1: what is BIM and why we use it)

It is well known that, as a design process starts and evolves, it gets more and more difficult to conciliate all the requests coming from the […]
21 Agosto 2016

Modelling and optimization of timber structures

Almost every time we hear the word ‘efficiency’ used to describe a timber building, it concerns the energetical aspect. One of the most important and interesting […]
18 Agosto 2016

Xlam: orthotrophy and modelling failures

The mechanical response of timber changes in a significant way depending on the three directions characterising the material, and this is the reason why it is […]
20 Giugno 2016

Wooden buildings: when and why do they rot? (Part 3)

In our previous article we approached the static aspects of the ground attack detail, and the strong implications of their design on the durability of the […]
3 Giugno 2016

Air tightness of timber buildings: a critical and underrated issue! – Part 2

With our last post we introduced the issue of air tightness and focused on its importance, and the ways we can measure it. The upcoming paragraph, […]
30 Marzo 2016

Wooden buildings: when and why do they rot? (Part 2 – Structural aspects)

As mentioned in the previous article  which was also connected to the survey, the second requirement of the ground attack detail is the structural safety.The support […]
28 Marzo 2016

Timber screws: an indispensable manual for the designer

In the last weeks we had the opportunity to read a previews of this very useful manual and to discuss about with the marketing and product […]
23 Marzo 2016

Timber houses: why do they rot? Great success for our poll!

Almost 200 designers (196 to be precise) participated in the survey proposed in late February on our pages about a very delicate issue which is quite […]
3 Febbraio 2016

Detail of ground connection for wooden houses

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