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Do you have a very complicated project in mind? Do you need a feasibility study or consulting to estimate a particularly complex project? Is your client asking you to integrate your work into a BIM workflow? Do you have to combine different materials in addition to timber such as concrete or steel?

If this is sounds like you, then contact us! We can certainly help you!

We understand all the advantages that timber offers when it is used as a structural material. And we both know (Ergodomus and you) that these advantages can only be obtained given perfect engineering of the structure.

Change your way of working for the better: optimize time and costs, reduce unexpected events on the building site thanks to a new and highly technologically advanced process for the engineering of your structures made entirely or partially in timber. We work with many carpentries and producers (glulam and CLT) and therefore “we speak your own language”. We know how to prepare the order lists (including nesting), the shop drawings and the assembly plans. We can even program your CNC machine!

The services we offer:

  • preliminary analysis for a rough assessment of feasibility and costs;
  • building physics evaluations to obtain high performance and, at the same time, low costs;
  • complete engineering of the structure to reduce time and optimize every single stage;
  • design of every single detail;
  • static calculation considering seismic and fire loads;
  • maximum control over the whole project thanks to the real-time exchange of files in 2D and 3D format through proven Cloud services (DropBox);
  • Shop drawings, assembly plans, CNC machine programming;
  • 100% BIM compatible workflow.


Always listening to your needs

Thanks to decades of experience and knowledge of the products available on the market, we can find the best solution to meet your requests and respect your project idea. Our know-how starts from a heterogeneous mix of experiences, from which we have learned to face any unexpected event and emergency.

Engineered timber for every element

We can engineer bearing elements made with any construction system: timber frame, CLT (both with and without glue), modular elements, etc…
At the end of the engineering phase you will receive all documents needed for production: order lists, cutting plan, pre-assembly drawings, assembly plans, CNC machine programs, etc …

Engineering and technical support

We provide a wide range of engineering services.
We can engineer the whole structure (combining different construction system) or offer you support for feasibility studies or cost analysis for particularly complex structures allowing you to be fast and highly competitive at the same time.
Our experience allows us to predict all the possible problems that may occur on site and resolve them in advance allowing you to reduce time and costs.
Our secret? The ability to make the most of the latest materials and technologies available and engineer every type of structure, combining different materials and construction system.

What we can offer you

Over 10 years of experience in the timber construction sector have allowed us to become a benchmark for wooden structures in Italy.



Projects of any size and the possibility to choose from any suppliers and producers of timber, available on the global market.



Our workflow allows us to program any type of CNC machine and manage the whole project.



We have extensive experience, which allows us to combine all the materials currently available on the market, not just timber!



The projects you see in the gallery are worth a thousand words: from the single-storey building up to the multi-storey luxury condominiums. From churches to schools, passing through the over-elevation. Did you know that we even designed a multi-storey floating timber structure in Venice?



We maximize off-site production to reduce on-site construction time, improving the quality of the building.


Single interlocutor

We will be your only interlocutors for any question related to timber structures and other structural materials that contribute to the realization of the building.


Continuous updating

We know all the products on the market and we can show you the best technologies (eg: virtual reality display, file sharing in real time, etc.).


Building site control

We can control every building phase of the timber structures: from the assembly to the seal that ensures air tightness all the way to the final BlowerDoor test.


Optimize to save

Behind all this, there is a single keyword: optimization!

A single word that contains many concepts:

  • Choice of the most suitable static scheme and construction system, depending on the type of construction and on-site conditions
  • Reducing the amount of timber
  • Reducing the amount of steel
  • Reducing assemly time
  • Evaluating of timber-concrete (or other material) interaction (eg: foundation)
  • Predispositions for the main plant parts
  • Site logistics management



Our passion knows no limits nor borders
We would be thrilled to work with you no matter where you are.

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