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We know how to guarantee your creative freedom thanks to the direct relationship between designer and designer (d2d) and the fact that we can be your only interlocutor for the static calculation and design also of steel elements and reinforced concrete foundations. A tailor-made structure, perfectly fitted in a BIM workflow with file exchange in .ifc format

You only have to concentrate on your creativity and we’ll take care of the rest!

We will elaborate your drawings to save you:

  • unnecessary visits to the site only to verify that the measures are respected;
  • dead times due to unforeseen events;
  • planning frustration that implies having to settle for a compromise that never satisfies anyone;
  • … and even allow you to use complex / parametric geometries with ease, thanks to the use of Rhinoceros, Grashopper and Kangaroo.



Your project idea at the center

Our work begins with your design idea and your drawings. We will remain faithful to them because whoever decides is you. In the following infographic we have summarized 5 simple work phases:



Workflow designer – designer

Workflow designer – designer
The collaboration takes place in the context of a direct designer-designer relationship (D2D – designer to designer) without any interference from producers and / or companies that inevitably would try to modify your project in the name of “simplification”.

Thanks to decades of experience and knowledge of all the products available on the market, we are able to find the best solution to meet your requests and respect your project idea. Our know-how originates from an extremely heterogeneous mix of experiences, sometimes even negative ones, from which we have learned to face every unexpected event and emergency.

A tailor made structure

  • You can design, evaluate and use structures made of timber frame, CLT with and without glue or hybrid wood-concrete-steel systems that represent the future for multi-storey buildings (6 floors in CLT in Modena).
  • Once the “the structural system” have been agreed, we are going to create a 3D model that perfectly matches your project: you will be able to control and define every detail with millimeter precision and then easily insert it into any BIM workflow thanks to exchange files in .ifc format.
  • What You Draw is What You Get: what you will see on your screen will be exactly what will arrive on site and will be assembled. It does not matter how complex the geometry and the precision of execution required.

    Not just wood!

    Our work also includes static calculation and design of steel elements and reinforced concrete foundations. A single interlocutor who takes care of everything eliminates possible communication errors and allows precise tracking of concrete parts.
    Our consultancy allows to reduce costs and at the same time to guarantee the flexibility requested by your customers. We obtain the best result if we start working with you at the early planning stages.



    What else can we do for you

    Ricordati che oltre ai calcoli statici ci occupiamo anche di:

    • Building physics,
    • thermohygrometric and summer parameters calculation,
    • study of the construction details to guarantee the air / water / wind tightness and to evaluate the impact of the thermal bridges using finite element analysis in static and dynamic conditions,
    • BlowerDoor tests,
    • IR analysis


    Software compatibility

    For our projects we use the following software:

    • AutoCad Architecture and HSB Cad
    • Dlubal Rfem
    • Suite Office
    • File exchange: cloud, DropBox
    • Video conference: Skype



    Our passion knows no limits nor borders
    We would be thrilled to work with you no matter where you are.

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