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The idea of this publication dates back to 2013, when the need arose to fill a precise market need in view of the lack of technical texts and documents in the Italian language regarding timber buildings and the many legal aspects linked to their design, that is not only statics – to this regard, see the publication “The Carpenter’s Book” – but also technical physics, engineerisation, analysis of individual stratigraphies and details.

The major key word here is the latter, i.e. ‘details’: this is the aspect that most affects the quality of timber buildings and especially their duration. The book examines in depth many stratigraphy examples with their details and connection methods: Xlam or frame , ventilated and non-ventilated walls, flat or inclined roofs, etc., just to mention a few.




Carpenter’s Book


How do you calculate a timber roof? How do you connect two rafters one to the other? What characteristics must the ground connections of timber buildings have?

The book tackles the complex and often underestimated issue of the static calculation of timber buildings and is intended for the less expert as well as for technicians already working in the sector and wishing to gain further knowledge about given aspects of this field. Starting from the specific characteristics of the various kinds of wood, the book then goes on to define glue-laminated timber and the calculation based on the semi-probabilistic method of limit states: calculation of the actions, including seismic ones, and their combination, without forgetting the behaviour in case of fire.



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