New French public buildings must be made 50% from wood

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The government of France is set to require all new public buildings to be made of at least 50% wood or other sustainable materials from 2022 as it pushes for greater sustainability in urban development. The municipal government in Paris had already pledged to make greater use of natural materials such as wood, straw and hemp and any buildings higher than eight-storeys built for the 2024 Paris Olympics must be made entirely of timber.

The Minister of Cities and Housing, Julien Denormandie, recently announced measures for a “sustainable city” that took stock of a past decade of public policies. (more…)

‘Build-in-Wood’ European consortium aims to “take multi-storey timber mainstream”

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A consortium of 21 European* companies and organisations has been formed with the aim of making timber the material of choice for multi-storey buildings instead of steel and concrete. Partners include universities and technical institutes as well as companies from different parts of the construction supply chain, ranging from building materials and design to finished structures. End users, politicians and local European communities will also contribute to increase an understanding of how wood can be accepted as the key building material of the 21st century.  Ergodomus is proud to be a member of this important grouping and is involved in 5 out of the total ten work packages that comprise the project. (more…)

Save the date!

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Mass Timber Summit & Hackathon

Have you ever participated to a Hackathon? And to a Mass Timber Hackathon? Our friend Greg Howes is organizing one of the most important ones in Portland in March, just a few days before the Mass Timber Conference. Our director Franco Piva will be one of the speakers. (more…)


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Since the beginning (2007), Ergodomus has always firmly believed in off-site construction and in the need of improving the building sector. As a founder of the company, I’m still promoting this every time I meet new people or I give a speech at conferences all over the world. So I know that it is not easy to meet people with a similar mindset, people believing that timber is not just a material but is something more, is a new method of construction, is a way to change the way we built. (more…)

Save the date: Mass Timber Academy

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An initiative whose time has come: Europe’s first Mass Timber Academy is launched in Scotland!

 Climate change, increasing urgency in the need to reduce our carbon impact on the planet and, in response, the emergence of the circular economy have seen an exponential increase in the use of mass timber – the collective term for a range of solid laminate timber systems – in construction.  (more…)

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