Horse training circle in Trentino



Baselga di Pinè (TN) - Italy


The building is located at an altitude of 1000m and it was built in Baselga di Pinè next to the farm Dallapiccola.
The Horse Walker, with a diameter of 16m, is entirely realized in glulam Gl24h and steel rods. The peculiarity of the building is its circular form due to its use destination.
The roofing is supported by pillars which have an inclination of 9° referring to the vertical axis and the whole structure is kept raised from the ground level thanks to a 40cm concrete kerb. On the other side, this foundation solution didn’t let us design a rigid ground connection.
The structure is based on a three-hinged arches system realized thanks to rigid connections among beams and columns. The modelling of these connections in the finite elements model has been done with a rotational spring. Its stiffness has been calculated considering the compliance of this kind of connection.
In order to reduce the deformations due to the high snow loads typical of the areas with this elevation, (3,2kN/mq) we chose to use steel stay rods.

Builder: Moser Walter



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