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Complex geometries and the Ergodomus Easter egg made of…

The new architectures require increasingly elaborate shapes and timber is undoubtedly one of the best material for this purpose: in a few weeks we will be able to show you a really amazing project we are working on … not just during the day … At the moment we can not tell you more.

For several months we’ve been studying complex geometries through very specific software and we have therefore decided to boost our creativity by preparing a gift for you: an Easter egg to be made with paper. Below you can download the sheets to print in A3, cut out and assemble to get a really interesting 3d figure.

As you know we like challenges and therefore we launch 2 challenges this month:

  • Send us a selfie of you with the egg and we will post it on our Facebook channel. The most beautiful one will receive a gift: one of the last remaining copies of the book “Legno … Costruire … Abitare” together with our 2018 calendar.

Ps: you can also use materials different than paper 😊

  • What do you think about realizing a building with this shape making the most of the fantastic properties of timber? Contact us and we will be happy to analyze with you the feasibility of your “complex” ideas.


Click here to download the .pdf of the egg and start your challenge!


“how it’s made”


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