Wood slabs and vibrations – Sizing criteria

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What are the sizing criteria for a slab made of timber? Is it sufficient to consider only the stresses (bending moment and shear) and the deformations (instantaneous and at infinite time)?

The answer to this question is simply “no”. (more…)

Wood Control – Monitoring moisture content

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When we went to see Diego Savio and Paolo Marchetto in their workshop in Trissino (VI), they reminded us of cyclists after a victorious uphill finish: very happy but at the same time exhausted by the effort. Tired because they started pedaling to bring their idea to life, over 3 years ago now as Diego mentioned.


Seeing the noise: Beamforming

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Failure to comply with acoustic parameters is often the subject of legal disputes but above all searching “in the dark” to identify the source and solve the problem. This happens for all kinds of buildings: masonry and timber: Finally, technology has come to save the day once again with an incredible product!


Wood, durability and monitoring

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Wood and durability: how can we sleep peacefully? It would take and active 24/7 monitoring system that will alert the user of critical situations due to unforeseen/unpredictable events.


7 golden rules for flat roof

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It should be emphasized immediately that waterproofing is the most important aspect for flat roofs and must always be guaranteed. Workmanship and quality control are therefore critical for proper operation and durability over time.