Merry Christmas from Ergodomus!

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If the building has an unconventional shape, the “traditional” calculation methods are no longer valid and specific numerical simulations (CFD) must be used. Here’s what happens if the shape is a Christmas tree 🙂 (more…)

Mass Timber Plants Growing Outside of Europe by Paul Kremer

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Throughout 2019 we have seen some amazing achievements in the mass timber market around the world. Whilst there is some much activity it’s hard to keep track with the pace intensifying. Let’s take a closer look at just a few developments occurring outside of Europe. (more…)

How Will Timber Transform the Construction Industry?

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Everyone is talking about timber buildings, but until a few years ago no one would have thought of using timber to build a skyscraper or a large office building. It took only a few years to transform timber from an “unknown material” to the “material of the future” because it is sustainable and because it stores tons of CO2. Now is truly the era for a renaissance in timber, the ultimate renewable resource.


Build in Wood (DK) 2019

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Buildinwood is definetely the most important timber show in Denmark and Ergodomus will be there. If you’re a “Timber Nerd” you must visit our booth and attend the conference!